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Chemotaxonomy is the classification of plants based on the chemical constituents in plants.CLASSIFYING PLANTS CHLOROPHYLL. Plants are green because they contain a green pigment called chlorophyll. THE FIVE KINGDOMS OF LIFE. The moneran kingdom includes the simplest, singlecelled organisms. BIOGRAPHY: CAROLUS LINNAEUS Swedish, . PLANT KINGDOM. Within the plant kingdom, plants major classification of plants

Classification of Plants. SPECIES This is the level that defines an individual plant. Often, the name will describe some aspect of the plant the colour of the flowers, size or shape of the leaves, or it may be named after the place where it was found. Together, the Genus and species name refer to only one plant

How can the answer be improved? Plants are classified based on their genetic and evolutionary relationship and form one of the five major kingdoms of classification. Who came up with the classification system of organisms? Carl Linnaeus, father of taxonomy is credited with creating the current system of classificationmajor classification of plants Misconceptions Plants are one type of organism (one species) that dont need to be classified into small groups. Common vegetables (corn, potatoes, etc. ) and fruits arent plants.

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Plant Kingdom Plantae. Plantae is the plant kingdom which includes all plants on the earth. They are multicellular eukaryotes. Typically, they consist of a rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane called the cell wall. Plants also have a green coloured pigment called chlorophyll that are quite important for photosynthesis. major classification of plants