Algae power plant emissions

2020-04-01 23:59

Sep 22, 2017  Were now testing a novel technique not only to mitigate power plant emissions, but also to turn them into new sources of revenue. Past research has shown that photosynthetic green algae is capable of capturing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, but natural forces alone cannot match the output of a conventional power plant.A 50, 000 grant from Duke Energy will fund a project at Indiana University to construct a structure of clear plastic tubes filled with algae that will convert emissions from the university's power plant into fertilizer. Mark Menefee, assistant director of utility services at IUBloomington's Central algae power plant emissions

On the heels of a successful development of algae photobioreactor (APB) technology and carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration study with Michigan State University, PHYCO2an algae growth and carbon dioxide sequestration companywill collaborate with MSU under a 1 million U. S. DOE grant to develop technologies that seek to transform the efficiency and operating costs to reduce power plant emissions

Dec 08, 2013  Many nonrenewable power industries rely heavily on water use for production, most notably hydraulic fracking, which has experienced a boom in the US in recent years, so by this comparison, a high reliance on water shouldnt necessarily hold large scale production of algae biofuel back, especially as algae farms can be used to absorb harmful carbon emissions from power plants Dec 12, 2017  The concept is to pump emissions and water vapor from the power plant into tubing where algae are growing. The emissions will feed the algae through the process of photosynthesis, converting carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into algal biomass and oxygen, which will be released into the atmosphere. As the algae grows, it will be harvested and used as an organic fertilizer in more thanalgae power plant emissions Jun 08, 2005  GreenFuel Technologies is a company that seems to have found a way to do a doublypositive thing: First, to clean up powerplant emissions some, and then, to

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