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2020-03-29 22:01

Within the center of the Burbage Valley, lay an established conifer plantation, which formed a large afforested block either side of the Burbage brook. The 34 ha plantation was planted between 1968 and 1971 after plans for the valley to become a reservoir were rejected by the Sheffield Corporation for geological reasons.Mar 04, 2016 Restoration of the site forms part of ongoing environmental improvements to the Burbage Valley. As part of the Nature Improvement Area (NIA) project, a large section of unmanaged conifer plantation was removed in March 2015. burbage valley plantation

Jul 25, 2014 During August and part of September a conifer plantation that was originally planted as a crop in the Burbage Valley will be removed. It will then be replaced by oak trees and wet woodland, and restoration to heathland.

It then flows through the Burbage valley and the remains of Burbage conifer plantation, which includded Lodgepole pine, Scots pine and Japanese larch. This was planted by Sheffield City Council between 1968 and 1971 with an outline designed to represent Great Britain when viewed from the air. It was sometimes known as the Great Britain Plantation. The West Country was not represented by the plantation due to unexploded ordance being found where the planting The Burbage Valley. Park at the Fox House Inn or nearby. With the pub building on your left, head towards the corner of the car park, by the gun club outbuilding. There you will find a path that bears left and brings you down back towards the road.burbage valley plantation Oct 14, 2014  When it was first reported that the plantation in Burbage Valley was to be felled, some people were uneasy at the prospect of a muchloved landscape undergoing such radical change.  The rationale behind the scheme was sound, the environmental benefits obvious but meddling with one of the Peaks finest views was always going to stir up emotions.

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