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2020-04-04 06:56

Al Ain Al Sokhna Supercritical Thermal Power plant ( 2 X 650 MW gasoil Fired Units) Thermal. Previous Next. Client: Egyptian Electricity Holding Company. EPCM: Power Generation Engineering and Services Company PGESCo. Location: Al Ain Al Sokhna, Suez Governorate, Egypt. Project duration: 2010 2015. Scope of work.The Ain Sokhna thermal power plant will comprise two 650MW units and will be built at Ain Sokhna, about 150 km east of Cairo. Doosan will design, supply and install the two units for the power plant. Egypt is expected to see a 5 per cent growth in annual power demand and. ain sokhna power plant egypt

Plant Description. El Ain El Sokhna power project is designed to include a 2650 MW steam thermal power plant to interconnect with the National Unified Power System (NUPS) through a new 500 KV GIS switchyard. The power block is comprised of two identical Rankine cycle turbine generator units, each with a nominal rated capacity of 650 MW.

Detailed instrumentation studies as part of a 2 X 650 MW combined cycle power plant. How can the answer be improved?ain sokhna power plant egypt The director of Suez security ordered a group of policemen to reopen the construction site of the Ain Sokhna power plant at 7am on Tuesday morning after striking workers closed the site for three

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