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Native to eastern and southern Africa, Dietes iridioides (Fortnight Lily) is a rhizomatous evergreen perennial with attractive flowers resembling small Japanese Irises. They appear on branched stalks over an incredibly long season, extending from spring to fall and sometimes well into winter in mild climates.How to Care for a Fortnight Lily. The fortnight lily, also called African iris, grows in both bluepurple and yellowwhite varieties, with bright lilylike flowers. These evergreen perennials thrive in U. S. Department of Agriculture Growing Zones 8 to 10 and feature spring and summer blooms with long strapshaped leaves. Plant your own fortnight fortnight lily plant care

flowering. Hardy in zones 8 10. Fortnight lilies may be killed by severe winters in upper zone 8. Keep dry in winter and protect with mulch. Can be container grown in colder zones. CARE AND PLANTING: African Iris can be grown in full sun or partial shade. If your final garden spot is in

The hardy fortnight lily (Dietes iridioide) is a perennial flower that originates from Africa. It has dark green foliage and produces white, yellow and pink tallstemmed flowers. When pruning a Aug 27, 2002 The long, branching flower stems on your Fortnight lily usually last from year to year, so leave them on the plant if possible. It's okay to snap off the seed pods, but leave the stems alone. Dead leaves should be cut off the plants. The partially damaged leaves should be cut back as well.fortnight lily plant care Design Ideas The flowers of Fortnight Lily glow in the dark and look exotic in tropical gardensdespite the plant's tolerance of a hard frost. It is one of the best allpurpose plants for beds and borders, where it functions a lot like an Iris, but with a much longer bloom period.

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