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Growing Tom Thumb Lettuce Plants The process of growing Tom Thumb lettuce is very similar to growing other varieties of lettuce. First, growers will need to determine when it is best to plant the seeds.How can the answer be improved? planting tom thumb

'Tom Thumb Mixed' is a Garden nasturtium variety in the Tropaeolum genus with a scientific name of Tropaeolum majus. Tom Thumb Mixed is a variety of OP Garden nasturtium.

Tom Thumb Garden Pea. Tom Thumb is absolutely the best pea variety for container planting! Reaching only 8 to 9 inches in height, its grown mainly as a shelling type, but the pods are also sweet, tender and delicious when harvested very young. This variety excels when tucked into small spaces around the garden, and for cold frame production very How to Plant Tom Thumb Peas Plant Tom Thumb pea seeds starting in March for spring plantings and starting in the second week Prepare at least the top 4 inches of soil before sowing the seeds. Place the seeds in a bowl and soak them for 24 hours in room temperature water before planting. Chooseplanting tom thumb Plant Heirloom Impatiens Grow Extra Dwarf Tom Thumb Impatiens Seeds. More compact than the other varieties, the extra dwarf Tom Thumb Impatiens will grow no higher than 12 inches, making it an ideal addition to borders and bedding.

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Tom Thumb thrives in full sun to partial shade, and no pests seem to bother it. Its reported to prefer dry soils; however, my plants grow happily in heavy clay. This miniature deciduous shrub is a handy plant to have around, particularly if youre looking for a small green shrub that behaves itself. planting tom thumb 'Tom Thumb' tomatoes become about 2 feet tall and 8 inches wide, so set plants in the garden with about 8 inches between them to allow seedlings to spread as they grow. Plant seedlings extradeep so the soil level reaches the first set of leaves; roots grow from the buried stem to produce a strong plant.