Petunia seed planting depth

2020-02-28 10:56

How can the answer be improved?Plant petunias in the soil to the same depth they were at in their pots. Space the plants 12 inches apart in rows the of the same distance. Water deeply once a week, providing 2 inches of water per plant. Apply a 2inch layer of organic mulch over the soil around the petunia plants to aid moisture retention. petunia seed planting depth

The new, tiny milifloras can be planted as close as 6 inches apart as they are slow growers and finer textured plants. Sprinkle a teaspoon of allpurpose, slowacting granular fertilizer on the soil around each newly planted seedling for the rain to soak in. This will provide consistent, basic nutrition for the petunias over the season.

Home Petunia Seeds Page 1 of 1 Fill your pots and containers with Petunias for long lasting blooms all Summer long. The plants typically grow to a mature height of roughly 10 to 14 inches tall, and can spread 12 to 18 inches wide. While soil needn't be terribly rich to grow good petunias, it must drain decently. It's always useful to improve garden soil by conditioning it with organic matter, such as peat moss, compost or manure. Spread the organic matter 2 to 3 inches thick. Incorporate it into the soil to a depth of 8 to 10 inches, using a rototiller or garden fork.petunia seed planting depth Petunias are popular window box plants, which suggest shallow roots, so think of that: 6 to 8 inches of depth should be plenty; you might even get away with 5 inches depth. The container width is your choice.

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Sprinkle the tiny seeds on top of the mix and gently moisten them with a spray bottle. Cover the tray with plastic wrap to retain moisture and place it in a bright place out petunia seed planting depth Petunia Seed Propagation: How To Start Petunias From Seeds It's simple to buy petunia seedlings to fill a planter, but for mass plantings and garden edging, growing petunias from seed is the way to go. Learn more in this article.