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This is a list of all the wildflowers native to Minnesota by common name, following Minnesota DNR conventions. Where several species of plants share part of a common name, they have been grouped together under that name; this is for indexing purposes and does not always indicate aIn nature, plants occur in native plant communities, which include all the native plants in an area together with their environment. Some examples of the many communities that occur in Minnesota include dry prairies, wet prairies, oak forests, pine forests, and marshes. Native plant communities are vital components of ecosystems. native plants minnesota list

When purchasing native plants, be sure to ask your suplier about the original source of the plant material. Dragonfly Gardens (Western Wisconsin) Feders Prairie Seed Co. (Southern Minnesota) Kinnickinnic Natives (Western Wisconsin) Landscape Alternatives (Metro Region) Morning Sky Greenery (Western Minnesota)

Some plants on these lists are not distributed throughout Minnesota. Select list to find out more information, then use the Search tab to select species that are appropriate for your part of the state. Native plants are increasingly used for gardening, landscaping, and restoring and reclaiming native plant communities. They can provide natural beauty, costeffective landscaping alternatives, environmental services, and habitat for wildlife.native plants minnesota list 1630 rows  Minnesota Plant List. If you are looking for something specific, try the find in page

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Morning Sky Greenery is a Minnesota Native Plant Nursery, growing native plants for shoreline restoration, raingardens and infiltration basins, and backyard butterfly, birdwatcher and pollinator gardens. We carry many native plants of North America, particularly species that grow east of the Rocky Mountains. native plants minnesota list MNTaxa is the MNDNR's list of the vascular plant species that have been documented in Minnesota. For each taxon listed, MNTaxa provides full scientific name, including family, genus, species, and variety or subspecies (when applicable). How can the answer be improved?