How to plant spider lily bulbs

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When planting spider lily bulbs, the neck of the bulb should be planted just below the surface of the soil. These plants can be left alone for many years and will create impressively large collections of flowers. Spider lilies can easily be grown in full sun or part shade, though part shade areas are the best.Spider Lilies Bloom Like Magic. They're useful in shrub and perennial borders too. Select a sunny or partly shaded spot with loose, welldrained soil. Plant spider lily bulbs so the top of each bulb neck is right at or just above the surface of the soil. Virginia Sue says she likes to divide hers just after they bloom, because I can find them then. . how to plant spider lily bulbs

Planting Tips. Similar to tulips, the red spider lily (Lycoris radiata) does not produce seeds to start new plants. Instead, you'll be planting bulbs, with the optimal time to plant usually being spring, although you can plant the bulbs during the summer months. The lilies are hardy in USDA zones 7 through 10.

Cultivation: Spider lily plant can be grown easily from bulb. To plant with bulb in warmer climates, bury it in the soil such that the bulb neck is in the soil level. To plant in colder climates, bury the bulb in the soil for about 15 cm deep. While burying more bulbs place them 6 to 12 inches apart. Spider Lily Planting Instructions Mix a 2inch layer of compost into the top 8 inches of soil in a welldrained but moist garden bed. Plant the spider lily bulbs with the tip of each bulb 4 inches beneath the soil surface. Water the soil immediately so it settles around the bulbs. Cover the bedhow to plant spider lily bulbs When to Fertilize. Spider lilies' leaves photosynthesize food from late fall until they die back in late spring. Their underground bulbs store the food. After their summer dormancy, the bulbs send up leafless stalks that produce the red, latesummer flowers. When the flowers die, the leaves reappear.

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Plan on watering the spider lilies on a regular basis throughout their growing season. Plan on dividing spider lilies every 2 or 3 years. Dig the bulbs up when they are dormant, in early summer. Fertilize spider lilies as soon as buds begin forming. Use a fertilizer that is manufactured how to plant spider lily bulbs