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Genetics Journals. Genetics helps in comprehending the molecular aspects of various diseases and helps us to formulate specific treatment and management strategies. Scientists are currently engaged in finding the cure for chronic diseases by modifying the associated genes, a process referred to as gene therapy; and it is speculated as the futureMar 10, 2008 Molecular Plant Breeding Increases Favorable Gene Action. When the density of observed recombinations approaches the resolution of single genes, the causal genetic change for a QTL can be determined (for review, see Salvi and Tuberosa, 2005; Yu and Buckler, 2006; Bel et al. , 2008; Harjes et al. , 2008 ). molecular plant breeding impact factor

Molecular Breeding. The chart shows the evolution of the average number of times documents published in a journal in the past two, three and four years have been cited in the current year. The two years line is equivalent to journal impact factor (Thomson Reuters) metric.

In order to develop efficient breeding strategies to improve drought tolerance, accurate methods to identify when a plant reduces growth as a consequence of water deficit have yet to be established. In perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L. ), an important forage grass of the Poaceae family, leaf elongation is a key factor determining plant growth and hence forage yield. 5Year Impact Factor: 8. 065 FiveYear Impact Factor: 2017: 8. 065 To calculate the five year Impact Factor, citations are counted in 2017 to the previous five years and divided by the source items published in the previous five years. 2018 Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics, 2019)molecular plant breeding impact factor SI: Quantitative Genetics and Plant GenomicsGuest Edited by P K Gupta, H S Balyan and R K Varshney June 2010, Issue 1 Volume 25 January 2010 April 2010

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Molecular Breeding is an international journal focused on applications of plant molecular biology: research most likely leading to practical applications with demonstrable benefits for farmers, the seed and processing industries, the environment and the consumer in molecular plant breeding impact factor Journal of Plant Science& Molecular Breeding involves diseases of plants caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasmas and nematodes; physiological, biochemical, molecular, ecological, genetic and economic aspects of plant pathology; disease epidemiology, crop loss assessment; plant disease control and diseaserelated crop management, Apr 03, 2019  Development of molecular markers linked to the Leptosphaeria maculans resistance gene Rlm6 and inheritance of SCAR and CAPS markers in Brassica napus Brassica juncea interspecific Journal of Plant Molecular Breeding (JPMB) is an international double blind peer reviewed English journal publishing two issues per year. JPMB devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning crop molecular breeding and related academic disciplines. Molecular Plant Breeding (ISSN ) is an open access and peer reviewed journal. It publishes original research papers involving in the transgenic breeding and marker assisted breeding in plants, particular in the areas of transgene, molecular genetics, crop QTL analysis, germplasm genetic diversity, and advanced breeding technologies.