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Treating and Preventing Paw Problems. In most cases, cat paw problems will resolve themselves in a short period of time. In cases of infection, your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics or other painkillers to reduce inflammation, swelling and discomfort. The best way to prevent paw injuries is to monitor your cats outdoor time.Not limited to the paws, pemphigus can affect a cat's gums. There are three types: foliaceus, erythematosus and vulgaris. Symptoms of pemphigus include: Footpad overgrowth and cracking. Fluidfilled cysts in the skin. Lameness. Swollen lymph nodes and generalized swelling. Depression. cat paw problems treatment

A swollen cat paw can be a sign of injury, disease, sting, bite or infection. Your cat likely will protect the paw, lick it excessively or avoid bearing weight on the painful foot. If your kitty will let you examine her, you may be able to identify the problem and implement basic care at home

Pododermatitis in Cats. Pododermatitis is a medical term for skin inflammation, particularly inflammation of the cat's feet or paws. Fortunately, prognosis is positive with treatment. The disease is more common in dogs than it is in cats. However, if you would like to learn more about how this disease affects dogs please visit this page in Your kitty's swollen paw may result from several different causes, which makes determining the best treatment route more difficult. Although most of the reasons for the swelling are treatable, it's often hard to spot a swollen paw in a cat, since they tend to hide out when they're paw problems treatment Add a comment to Mittens's experience. Cats can get bacterial or fungal infections, parasites, or allergies, that can make their feet very itchy. Tippy may need medication to help her with this problem, and it would be best to have her seen by a veterinarian to have her examined and get treatment for her.

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Treatment of Cat Paw Issues: There are four cat pads called the carpal, metacarpal, metatarsal or digital) on a cat. The metacarpal or metatarsal oare considered to be more important as these carry most of the weight, so if these are injured, surgery is used to transplant cat paw problems treatment Diagnosis and Treatment. Once it's clear that plasma cell pododermatitis is the problem, the vet may administer antibiotics to fight infections and steroids, such as glucocorticoids, to fight inflammation. In some cases, if the pillow paw is bad enough, your veterinarian may suggest surgery. Discuss the options with your vet, Apr 01, 2014 However, such extreme reactions are rare in cats. While a cat may display a variety of warning signs when suffering from a paw injury, the most typical symptoms are limping and favoring the injured paw. Although many cat paw problems heal themselves in a short period of time, others require veterinary treatment. Dec 01, 2013  Symptoms: Limping and sores on paws, both in cats and dogs, are among the symptoms of diabetes, along with the telltale signs of excess thirst, excess visits to the litter box, and weight gain. 5. Cancer: Helke Ferries article, The ABCs of Pet Wellness, is a great read on caring for your pets in general, but it is also a real eyeopener when it comes to animal cancers. Both males and females are susceptible to pododermatitis. If you suspect your cat has pillow foot, bring it to a veterinarian for treatment as soon as possible. If this problem is left untreated, secondary infections may develop. The issue can be very painful in advanced cases, leaving the cat with puffedup paws that are tender to touch.