Problems tuning guitar on rocksmith

2020-04-02 00:08

Whenever I try to tune up my guitar I have problems to tune E string. The tunner needle moves up and down, but I can't tuned it up, so I can't jump to the next string, A. The real tone cable is new, but it is impossible to progress to the next stage on Rocksmith. Did anyone have with problem with the tunner? Can you please give me a hand with this matter?Dec 15, 2013 I guess with the first Rocksmith, it didn't really come up since all I had to do was tune the low E to dropped D for some songs. There are more possibilites in R2014. Guess the best thing to do will be to tune my second guitar to Eb permanently (there seem to be quite a few songs in that tune) and switch guitars accordingly. problems tuning guitar on rocksmith

Tuning Problems. Another thing is to silence any of the strings except the one you are trying to tune. In Rocksmith I would just pick through them and tune them quickly as I went and that seemed to work. On this one if there's another string ringing at all, it seems to mess up the new tuner

Oct 23, 2013 Had no problems tuning on Rocksmith 1, now I can't even get past the 3rd string, goes from bouncing around to not registering at all. This is super annoying, gonna try to change the strings but I shouldn't have to do this, the guitar sounds fine. Jan 31, 2015 [PC Rocksmith 2014 tuning big problem; Thread Tools. so the guitar was tuned precicesly to EADGBe I just can't get past E Also, I turned my Rocksmith volume from 17 to 65 and that only made the sensitivity insanely high, which really just made it worse. Please Help! Any and all advice would be appreciated!problems tuning guitar on rocksmith

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