Eco complete planted tank

2020-04-04 05:36

EcoComplete Planted Aquarium Substrate is mineralogically and biologically complete, giving you luxuriant aquatic plant growth without nuisance algae. Iron rich EcoComplete eliminates the need for laterite. No artificial dyes, paints, or chemical coatings.Substrate for Planted Tank Reviews 1. Eco Complete Planted Black Aquarium Substrate. This product comes in a twentypound bag. It is a complete substrate for freshwater tank use. This one substrate provides for all your plants needs without having to add any other extra substrate or chemical. eco complete planted tank

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Jan 05, 2019  If youre looking for a substrate that not only looks great but adds a lot of benefits to your tank, look no further than Carib Seas EcoComplete Planted Aquarium Substrate. . Its simply one of the best substrates on the market today. . Why do we say that? eco complete planted tank

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