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Place your log planter in the correct area of sunlight that your plants require. Place it under a tree or shady area for shadeloving plants and in full sun for sunloving plants. References (3) Since logs come in all sizes,  the size determination must be made by you for your particular needs.   Grab your Curved Blade Saw and begin to saw in sections,  about 3 4 inches deep. Hector found it is easier to work in small sections. log planter how to make

When making a large troughlike log planter, experts suggest hollowing out the planting space in smaller sections, rather than all at once. It is also recommended that, if possible, you leave 34 inches (7. 610 cm. ) of wood in the bottom of the planter and at least 1 to 2

May 26, 2018 Log planters make excellent additions to any type of garden and can be transformed into hanging planters, window boxes, cylindrical containers, or even horizontal troughlike planters. DIY Log Planter: First, go out and find some logs! You may live in a wooded area where there may be a small forest around. This is a great place to find logs. log planter how to make

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